Medium Verre 21

Musee du Verre, Charleroi (B)

12 sept - 30 nov 2014



Knowing that all existence ends, and therefore is vulnarable, forces me as an artist and a human being to act with care. The awareness of our own mortality evokes compassion with all living things. By shaping a context of poetry and beauty, this careful acting becomes apparent.


My pâte de verre looks like it is desintegrating en torn apart. The sculpture, full of holes and fissures, appears fagile and vulnerable. Ending and decay are recurrent themes in my work that deals with the subjects of daily life.

I use glass for it's viscose quality: the movement in the glassparticles, initiated by heat, distills into een visual dynamic that displays naturally arising holes and fissures. Inherent to this medium is the knowledge that it is sharp and breaks. There is a subtle relationship between the fragile vulnerability and violent decay which makes glass the perfect memento mori.